In the feast of the Light

Author: Mahdiyar Ghamsari

Translated by: Vida Rasoulzadeh


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ﻢﻴﺣﺮﻟا ﻦﲪﺮﻟا ﷲا ﻢﺴﺑ


We have left behind the second decade of 15th century A.H. There have been many events in the past, knowledge of which can play an important role in our today lives. Abundant writings on these events, which are left from that period, can reduce to a large extent, the darkness of the long time distance between messenger’s days and early years of Islam. These writings give us a clear insight into those times, though we were not fortunate enough to live there ourselves.

“Gadir” is one of these crucial events that lead us to the true path of Islam. Pondering over “Gadir” gives us the understanding of the fact that, following “Emamat & Velayat”(leadership) of Ali and his innocent descendants is the only route that takes us to Quran and the messenger’s home, while departing from this route ends in disaster.

That is why the messenger called Ali (A.S.) “the gate to the city of his knowledge”1. And in

fact, as is said, faith in Ali and the innocent Imams is truly the only path to Islam, Quran, and the way of God’s messenger, Mohammed (p.b.u.h)2

Based on one of these writings, means messenger’s speech about “Ghadir”, we prepared following article in a very new and innovative way. This Article is about an imaginary interview with God’s messenger in which his holiness is asked a few questions. The answers to these questions are also extracted from the same speech of Mohammed (p.b.u.h) about “Ghadir”. We hope it could be of use to all interested readers.

In my dreams I fly back into the times. After flying over a long distance, I land beside a lake in the “Land of Johfeh” to rest a bit. There is a great tumult; a large gathering of pilgrims. It seems that they had a hard journey, and now they are heading for their homes. A group of

them are destined for “Medina” and other cities of “Hejaz”, some of them towards “Iraq” and


1- The holy Prophet (S.A.) states that: “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate, and one who wants to get inside the city should pass through the gate” Vasayel ul Shia, vol. 27 p. 34 and p. 76


2- “Sad Abvab” story is another aspect of the Amir ul momenin’s (A.S.) virtues. In this story we learn that when the Nabi Mosque was under construction in Medina, a good number of doors were opened to it from the Ashabs’ (the Prophet followers) houses. Then there is the revelation of Tathir verse, where God command his holiness to block all the doors but the one to Ali’s house, which was the door of Ahl-e-Beyt’s house. Many of the Monafeghan (hypocrites) leaders stood against this incident. Interested readers may find more stories in this regard in “Bahar Al Anvar, Vol. 38, P.190, 130, Vol.39, p. 21, 27, 28, 31, 32, Vol. 40, p. 9, 85 and Vol. 78, p.62.


the last group to “Shamat (Syria)”. Among all these men and women, I can recognize two distinguished faces. One is God’s messenger, Mohammed (S.A) who is just back from his last pilgrimage to God’s home, and the other one is Ali Morteza (p.b.u.h), for whom the messenger ordered this large crowd to assemble.

Time is short and I seize the chance to approach the Prophet through the crowd.

He truly is an absolute brilliance. He is 63 years old now and he has shouldered difficult duty of passing on his prophecy to the people for 23 years. It can be understood from what he says that he is departing for another journey and soon we would be deprived of his blessing presence.

Now I am honored to be received by his holiness and as usual in interview I set forth my first question.


ÕYour holiness, would you gratify us by introducing your good self?


Yes, I am God’s messenger, sent by Him, to warn you and to alert you. There have been other messengers sent by God before. Now let me ask a question. If I die, or I am killed in one of enemies’ conspiracies, are you going to go back to your past ways? 3


The last part of his answer reminds me of a verse in Quran with the same content. During the war of “Ohod” the messenger has been left alone and then there was a rumor going around that He was killed.

Those with feeble beliefs made this rumor as an excuse to leave the war, and prepared themselves to get back to their ignorant thoughts; and Quran reproached this ignorant return. How splendidly the messenger blended his words and Quran; it gives us a vivid, and at the same time, an alerting account.

I am going to ask the second question.


ÕWe understand that you are God’s messenger. Now we would like to learn more about your divine position.


I am God’s messenger and my responsibilities to convey the message of the Almighty


God to the nations. Now I can call God to witness that I have fulfilled my duty. 4


3- Extracted from Al-e-Omran (family of Imran) Surah, holy verse 144.


4- Extracted from Al-e-Omran (family of Imran) Surah, holy verse 81.


Once again we can see the magnificent shades of God’s words in this last part of his reply. How gracefully he dressed up his words with Quran verses.

In his shining face we can see trace of 23 years of pain and agony. During these years he took pains, felt grieves, faced cruelties, and surprisingly, he was still patient and he always loved

the same unfaithful nation. He never cursed them, but he repeatedly said:


.« ˚نﻮﻤﻠﻌ˚ﻳ ﻻ ﻢﻬ’ﻧﺎ´ﻓ ﻲﻣﻮﻗ ِﺪها Ыﻢﻬ’ﻠﻟ´ا »


“Oh my God, please guide my followers, since they do not know”.


He realized that all this was resulting from their ignorance and always asked God to show them the right way. It seems that in this last gathering as well, he is concerned about the nation’s future, and trying hard to save the divine guiding line that he had opened to them according to the orders of God.

I am going to ask the next question.


ÕWhich important matter made you to hold such an unprecedented meeting, and really how important is it?


Let me say in one word that importance of today’s meeting is equal to the importance of my prophecy. If I don’t do so, it means that practically I have done nothing. And all the measures I took during my 23 years of prophecy were in vain. 5


I got the importance of the subject from messenger’s clear and firm reply. Like his previous answers I found the magnificence of Quran verses merged with his words. We have heard a lot about his holiness before. Nevertheless, such a harmony between his words and God’s words is of great importance today. So the next question came to my mind and I asked him:


ÕYour holiness, what a subject of propaganda has brought you in here, to this oasis, under this hot weather, and among gathering of these Hajjies (pilgrims), who are back from their Hajj (pilgrimage) to God’s home?


The God the Almighty has sent me a verse in Quran in which He had brought up the subject of His, my, and another person’s Velaya (leadership). This person is said to have made donations while praying. Every one knows that this person was Ali Bin Abi Taleb (p.b.u.h.) who did not reject a beggar that came to him and bestowed his own ring to the




5- Extracted from Al-Ma’idah (The table spread) Surah, holy verse 81.


And hence, a verse came to me concerning Ali, and this great and benevolent deed of him has been included in Quran and thus became lasting and eternal. 6


I realized that velaya (leadership) of Ali (p.b.u.h.) is the point. “A familiar word” and “a word about a popular and familiar man”. The reason that I say”a familiar word” is that I remember the messenger has stated similar words since the first days of his public invitation in “Yom Al Anzar”7. Therefore, what he says now, here in this desert, does not sound unfamiliar to me

and of course it does not sound familiar to every body, but as Quran says:


“Only to those who have hearts”.


8«˚ﻊﻤЫﺴﻟا ﻲ´ﻘ´ﻟا و´ا ﺐﻠﻗ ﻪ´ﻟ ˚نﺎآ ﻦ˚ﻤِﻟ »


And I said “a word about a known person” because everyone knew Ali. During the last 23 years of messenger’s life, Ali (p.b.u.h) was a sympathetic friend to him, exactly following the messenger’s footsteps 9 to show that they were “one soul in two bodies”10. All this of course could be helpful only for those who kept an open eye, not for those as Quran says, “They have eyes, but they can not see”, that means not those who are asleep or pretend to be asleep.

Both His explicitly in speech, and emphasize on concerned verses of Quran were a clear reply to my question. I understood that subject of his propaganda was Velayat of Ali Bin Abi Taleb, that was on the same direction as Velayat of God and the messenger, Mohammed.

I decided to ask His holiness that:


6- Extracted from Al-Ma’idah (The table spread) Surah, holy verse 13.


7- The first public invitation of his holiness was when the Anzar Verse was revealed by the God on high. In this verse the honored and glorified God commanded His prophet to invite his family and relatives to Islam. “And warn your family and relatives”


8- Extracted from the GH Surah, holy verse 37.


9- We say these words, at the beginning of the Nodbeh Pray, which means, “to follow messenger’s path” and that explains Amirul Momineen’s habits and behaviors. Bahar Al Anvar Vol. 99, P. 106.Eghbal Al Amal P. 296.


10- The Prophet Mohammad employed such descriptions to introduce Amirul Momineen to his followers like what we read in below Hadith that says: a) I regard Ali’s position and value as value of my head to my body under neck. Bahar Al Anvar Vol. 38, P. 296, 319, 327, 328 b) Do not be jealous toward Ali. Verily he is from me, and I am from him. Verily Ali and I are from a special tree (origin). And the rest people are from another tree (origin). Bahar Al Anvar Vol. 21, P. 279 c) “Ali is my life, and I am his life”.Mangheb Kharazmi, P.90


ÕWould you tell us that how Ali (p.b.u.h), for whom you hold this meeting, is introduced in Quran?


Quran has a very high opinion of him. It is proclaimed in Quran that Ali’s Velaya is “the final blessing”, which “makes Islam the perfect religion” and so is approved by the Almighty God. 11


He is described as a light shedding onto the human race, and positioning among them just like the messenger. 12


There are so many other descriptions of Ali in Quran; however, my time limit does not allow me to go further.


In the depth of Messenger’s reply, I found out that I should tell to Amirul Momeneen that: “Water of the sea seems inadequate for moistening the fingertips to number the pages of your wisdom book”.

For one moment I imagined myself in 15th century A.H. I sincerely thanked to God for this

blessing, and felt proud on this divine grace favored to me by the God. I am honored to pay homage to Ali, seal my heart with sacred love to Him, who passed the hard course of history, and not to lose my belief in his Velaya for anything in the world.

I went back quickly to “Ghadir” and saw myself in the end of the first decade of Higira. Since I did not want to miss this chance, so I immediately asked His holiness, Mohammed (S.A) that:


ÕWould you please talk about the characteristics of Ali’s followers?


11- After return of the esteemed Prophet from his last Haj (Pilgrim) on the 18th day of Zihajjah of 10 A.H., when in the presence of more than 100,000 Muslim people, he introduce him as the master and leader of the believers (Momenin), and all the Hajj Muslims allied with Ali (A.S.), the Almighty God revealed the verse. “Today I perfected your religion for you, and completed my Mercy to you, and I am satisfied that you choose Islam as your religion.” Surah Maideh, V. 3


12- The esteemed Prophet (S.A.) in the last part of his speech in Ghadir – e- Khom recited this verse:“O, people believe in God, and His Messenger and the Light that is descended along with him.” Syrah Nesa V. 47


Then the Prophet added: “ O people, the light is deposited in my body by the Almighty God, and then in Ali Ibn Abi Talib, and then in his innocent descendents till Mahdi Qaem (A.T.F.SH.), who will take and control all Divine rights, and all our rights. Bahar Al Anvar Vol.37. P. 211


Sure. They are God’s selected believers, with their hearts filled with trust in God, and so supported by God. They are promised to be placed in the Paradise. God is proud of them and they adore their God. They are God’s pure and victorious followers, 13faithful believers, devoid of any tyranny. Safety and peace is expecting them. They shall receive angel’s warm greetings when being safely admitted into God’s paradise. 14


I never claimed to be a true follower of Ali (A.S.); still, for years my heart has been lightened with affection for him and filled with love to him.

I was trilled with all the praises that the messenger (S.A) gave about Ali’s followers. I thought, despite all my shortcomings, my great love for Ali and his children may put me among his followers, hoping to have the opportunity to be one of them. If so, I shall pay homage to him, flying with happiness into the air.

I asked myself, if truly this is the way in which Ali and his followers are described, then why so large a number of people separated from him? Why there have been and still are some who have turned him down and have not recognized his divine position?

Why they did not take Mohammed’s explicit explanation regarding his divine place seriously, and forwarded other approaches such as “council”, “elections” etc?

I set forth this important subject with the holy messenger and asked:


ÕYou highly praised Ali and his followers on the evidence of Quran verses. Then what are the causes for such opposing ideas?


Deception and hypocrisy are the main reasons. Those, who are opposed to him, as said in Quran, are hypocrite people, whose deeds and beliefs are thoroughly different from their words15. They believe it to be unimportant, while, hypocrisy is a big and unpardonable sin before God16. Besides, Satan’s continuous efforts to deceive people could not be ignored. Satan rushes strongly and takes many people with himself.


Satanic Deception is another trap for Ali’s (p.b.u.h.) opponents to walk in.


13- Taken from Quran, 58:22


14- Taken from Quran, 25:75-76


15- “They say something by their tongues, which are not in their hearts”. Surah Fath, verse11


16- “And presumed it was of no importance, whereas it was great in Allah’s sight”. Surah Noor, V. 15


Hearing this explanation from the messenger brings the question to ones mind that what would be future of such ignorant opposition against Ali (A.S.).

I brought up this question to the messenger and asked him:


Õ What would be his opponents’ destiny and what is the result of their behavior?


I warn them to avoid resisting him, for fire is expecting Ali’s opponents in the eternal world17.


Their deeds are menaced with annihilation. They shall be kept in endless and increasing pain18. The lowest level of the Hell is inevitable fate of those who disregarded his divine position and rank. And I may add, similar pains are consequences of opposition to Ali (A.S.).


Thanks God that I never had the thought of opposition and resistance against Ali (p.b.u.h) in my head. I devoted my life in dear messenger’s way and paid homage to Ali Morteza (p.b.u.h). I am afraid for those who have not started in this holy path. Once again I seized this golden chance of being received by his holiness to ask him:


ÕYour holiness, what are we to do today; what should be done towards “Ghadir” and it’s a critical message that is “Emamat & Velayat”?


In one word, just listen to “Ghadir’s” message and heartily obey Ali (p.b.u.h). That’s all.19


ÕYour holiness, I apologize for having detained and troubled you in this hot weather and I thank you for the intelligent advices you left both for us and for future history.


As the last question, may I ask how are we expected to receive “Ghadir”?


17- Surah Safat, verse 38


18- Surah Forghan, verse 22


19- Actually the essence of the speech of holy Prophet in Ghadir – e- Khom, is his nice phrase, that he expressed as per the instruction of the Almighty God, “To whom that I am a master and leader, Ali is a master and leader too.”Alkafi, Vol,4 p. 149


You may receive it as God’s blessing. The blessing that you did not deserve, and it was


God who granted it to you. 20


When I heard this, I could understand the meaning of the “Ghadir’s” message and realized that why the followers of Ali (A.S.) hug each other in this day and whisper together: “ Thanks to God who has put us from the followers and trusted people in mastership and leadership of Amir- ul- Momenin, and the innocent Imams (A.S.).


ﻪ’ﻤِﺋﻻ´ا و ﲔﻨِﻣﺆ˚ﳌاﲑﻣ´ا ﻪ´ﻳﻻﻮِﺑ ´ﲔﻜ’ﺴﻤِﺘﳌا ﻦِﻣ ﺎﻨﻠ˚ﻌ˚ﺟ يﺬ’ﻟا ِﷲﺪﻤ˚ﳊ´ا »


21.«˚مﻼЫﺴﻟا ﻢِﻬﻴ´ﻠ´ﻋ


Note: the answers of the messenger you read in this text are all extracted from different sections of “Ghadir speech” that was delivered by His holiness the messenger in the “Land of Johfeh, “beside a lake called “Khom”. For more information you may refer to “Ghadir

speech” composed by Mr. Mohammad Bagher Ansari.


20- Refer to footnote 12.


21- Imam Reza (A.S.) has said: “If you saw your Muslim brother during the anniversary day of Ghadir – e- Khom. Tell to each other that thanks to God who has put us from the followers and trusted people in mastership and leadership of Amir-ul-momenin and the innocent Imams (A.S). Eqbal ol Amal, P. 464


Examine Yourselves


1- According to the noble Quran, what is the position and rank of the Prophet?

2- How is the importance of “acknowledgement of leadership” stated in noble Quran?

3- Who are going to receive the message of leadership in noble Quran?

4- What did the holy Prophet tell about the characteristic of the followers of Amir – ul- momenin Ali (A.S.)?

5- According to Prophet, what are the motives of those who disagree with Ali (A.S.)?

6- What dose the holy Prophet say about the result of disagreement and contention with

Amir – ul – Momenin Ali (A.S.) in the last Day?


Book published:


1- GHADIR As Reflected from the Quran and Traditions, by Doctor Majid Maaref


2- Lesson’s from sermon’s of “GHADIR”


3- The story of “ GHADIR”, by Nadir Fadli

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